SAVE - Money - Time - Costs - Hassels

Save money on airfares

No more travel costs!
Because many companies operate in remote locations, it is often a huge operation involving many hours of planning and down-time in order for one of the staff or a crew to undertake training. They often need to travel to their nearest capital city via plane, coach etc which obviously adds greatly to the training budget. By using our remote training method, we 'come to you'.

It is NOT like the online training which often is advertised. This is real time training with a live instructor who will assit one or more staff at a time. It is almost extactly the same training as you would have received if the trainer was in the room with you. You will hear them, see their computer screen - just like you would if you were in a classroom. But you are at your desk or in a meeting room instead.

Hundreds of dollars (if not thousands for a crew) can be saved in airfares alone and that means more money in the training budget for even more training. It is a WIN/WIN for everyone.

With these savings you can buy additional equipment (e.g. headsets, laptops etc) which will make future remote training even easier. CLICK to See Courses

Save all accommodation costs

Accommodation costs are eliminated!
In addition to savings made on travel, accommodation costs are a thing of the past. Why spend hundreds of dollars per night (per person) just to attend a 6 hour training course?

Because you never have to leave your workplace, time spent on travel and money spent on accommodation is now better spent on your other priorities.

It really is a 'no-brainer' - the money you spend on remote training is spent on training - that's it!

With these savings you can buy additional equipment (e.g. headsets, laptops etc) which will make future remote training even easier. CLICK to See Courses

No wasted time travelling

Spend your precious time doing the things YOU want
You are already pressed for time - right? So why waste time travelling to the airport, waiting for flights, spending overnight in a hotel and then travelling to the training venue?

With our remote training you go to work as normal and never have to leave your desk. The time you would have wasted now becomes time to simply do your job. Your productivity will increase and your boss will be VERY happy!

Time is an important commodity. Don't waste yours! CLICK to See Courses

Work without fear of contamination

Work in your own safe virus-free environment
There is always a risk of being contaminated from viruses on any day at any time. However, you can reduce the risks to almost zero by undertaking remote training.

You can work with the trainer, who is in another location, and also work with other colleagues if desired, all of whom are at a safe distance from you.

The Coronavirus is a scourge but remote training beats it in its tracks! CLICK to See Courses

Customised training to suit YOUR needs AND at a time YOU want!

Individualised short courses tailored for you
You never have to sit in a class with 15-20 other people, each of whom has their own learning rate and needs.

Our courses are 1-3 hours in length and cover a definite area of Excel for which you have a need. You can choose any of the short courses (or do each of them one at a time). In fact, if you book a course and it seems that you need other Excel features, we will customise the course for you 'on the fly'. And, where possible, we will modify the course materials to make your learning applicable to your workplace. CLICK to See Courses

So, why spend 6-8 hours at an all day course, with people you don't know learning things that you areleady know? Remote training eliminates all that!

And unlike most other training courses, we do not have SET classes. This means that YOU can decide the date and time!