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Welcome To Remote Excel Training

Who we are

We are Excel trainers with many years' experience in training and in Excel. Our main office is in Adelaide but that is of no consequence because we come to you (via a remote internet connection). We could easily be anywhere in the world and it would make no difference.

Our beginnings are with Excel Training Adelaide and then Excel Training Sydney where we run Excel training in-house or on-site classes. They are the traditional class where there is a trainer with one or more learners watching a projected image of the trainer's laptop.

So we started to think that the real training was happening via the projector, voice and the learners' laptops. The trainer really did not need to be in the room.

Thus Remote Excel Training was born and has grown.

Steps to Our Success

Humble Beginnings

Way back in 1999, before the new millennium, Remote Excel Training had its seed planted in the business called Top Ideas & Solutions (a company which specialised in finding solutions to almost any business problem - and still does today).

Over time, it became apparent that there was a need for a deeper understanding of Excel by small businesses, large companies and government agencies.

People who were tasked with finding an economical training solution could not believe that there was actually a company willing to come to their worksite, train using the actual equipment people were using, and in many cases, using the Excel files that were challenging the staff.

That's where Top Ideas & Solutions came in. This training model was an immediate success and has grown a huge following of repeat clients.

The Market Place

There was a need during the economic downturn to have high quality training at lower prices. Some small businesses simply could not affor the prices being asked by some training companies. See here for a comparison of Training costs. Those prices are for 1 person for 1-2 days' training, at a time the training provider decided and in a location that needs ALL day parking (in Sydney that can be up to $80 for 6 hours!).

It did not take long for the market place to hear about the training provided by Excel Training Adelaide and Excel Training Sydney. Word of mouth alone generated much of the training thus avoiding the need to advertise greatly.

It was not long before our business needed to take on more trainers and so now we have more than enough to meet the amazing demand.


So with the expansion into other states, the reputation of Excel Training Adelaide and Excel Training Sydney grew.

Our business was, from time to time, asked to go into rural areas to train. That was fun and involved staying in motel rooms and training in some out of the way places.

And that is where the idea of Remote Excel Training was developed. Starting with a large, national rural company in South Australia, AHRENS, remote training was undertaken at some far reaching locations. On one day, learners from Toowoomba QLD, Broome WA and Darwin NT were all in a remote training session together!

Since then, Remote Excel Training has undertaken training around Australia - and not necessarily in remote locations.

But it is the companies and staff in remote 'outback' locations which our business aims to serve.


It is amazing to think that with a solid internet connection and a laptop, we can deliver high quality VERY affordable Excel training to staff in remote and rural areas of Australia. No software installations are necessary. You are simply invited to attend a meeting via email and, using your internet browser (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome etc), you are up and running in no time.

Of course the experience can be improved greatly if the learner has a headset (headphones and microphone in one), dual monitors (very easy to set up if you have a spare monitor) and a projector (if there is more than one person and dual monitors are not available).

It is that easy!



  • The team have been a huge help to our company. The staff are very flexible and willing to tailor training to meet the specific needs of our people. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to any business. Shaun McCarthy
    Training Coordinator
    SMR Automotive Australia
  • I thoroughly recommend Remote Excel Training to anyone who has a complex Excel project that needs error checking and/or automation. The staff are great communicators and overall the project has been enjoyable and a highly rewarding experience.Martin Oldfield
    Manager Valuations
    Maloney Field Services
  • I have worked with this team, on a variety of individual projects, over the course of 2 years now. They have been a Godsend. Renee Jacobs O.D., M.A.
    Owner/ Consultant
    Practice Management Depot
  • I approached Remote Excel Training to assist Ahrens Group Pty Ltd in expanding the knowledge of Excel across many levels of the business. They trained employees remotely via computer conferencing. The result was fantastic and we have seen vast improvements in our employees' skills. I appreciated the infectious positive attitude and the flexibility of the trainer to meet our needs. I recommend Remote Excel Training.Jessica Snaddon
    Software Training and Development Manager
    Ahrens Group Pty Ltd

Our Advantages

Huge Savings No travelling or accommodation costs

You will never have to pay for travelling and accommodation costs (and even taxi or parking fees) because you will not have to travel to your local capital city for your Excel training.

You won't have to leave your office (or your kitchen table) at all to learn Excel. Simply, book a course, sit back and let the training begin. You will save time which can now be spent on more important things.

Best support

There is literally nothing much that you need to do. We provide links and if you have an email account, you click on the link and start the training. Support is immediate. We are REAL LIVE trainers - NOT online courses. It will seem to you that you are in a live class although you and the trainer may be in different states.

Friendly interface

The Team Viewer interface is seamless. We can pratise before th training if you wish. It will only take a couple of minutes. You will LOVE it.

Quality service

You will find that our trainers are fully qualified. And, that's right! You will have a REAL LIVE trainer rather than simply an 'online course'. All other 'online' courses are simply a set of exercises which you can do at any time - sure, with asynchronous assistance. BUT, this course is interative in real time with a real live trainer. You can ask questions and they will be answered immediately.

Cool solution

To be virus safe, interactive with a REAL LIVE trainer, this is the best.